Environmental Statement

Oil-Dri and the environment

At Oil-Dri (UK) Ltd, we are committed to the protection of the natural environment by avoiding harm or nuisance, whilst maintaining our working effectiveness.

Our environmental policy is observed throughout the company and reflects our full support of the Government's overall environment policy. The care of the environment is increasingly regulated and legislation imposes on us an overall duty, which we need to fulfil.

The company:

  • delivers innovative solutions that help our customers make the world cleaner, safer and healthier.
  • protects and enhances the natural environment in line with the Government's environmental strategy and the principles of stewardship and sustainability, within financial constraints.

To meet the main policy objectives, the company will:

  • assess environmental costs and benefits to ensure these are considered in procurement and other decision-making processes.
  • give appropriate funding priority to environmental issues, particularly those activities involving compliance with legislation.
  • promote environmental awareness and performance through effective education and training.
  • implement energy efficiency campaigns.
  • implement and operate management systems to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and demonstrate, where practicable, further improvement in environmental performance.
  • implement recycling initiatives to reduce the amount of waste going for disposal.
  • maintain expertise within the company to manage and implement environment protection measures.
  • ensure the company general manager, department managers and line managers are aware of their personal responsibilities and accountability.
  • continue to comply with dust emission legislation as stated within the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part 1.

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